Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Some of my favorite birds

While I'm sorting through my many folders of butterfly photos, and taking photos of specimens in my collection, here are a few photos of my favorite birds I've recently seen (click on the pictures to see a larger version)...
Hooded merganser (male) strutting his stuff at Ridgefield Wildlife Area
Tundra swans at Ridgefield, a common sight in the winter
Green-winged teals visiting the pond by my apartment
Song sparrow
Buffleheads (male and female), these and another pair have been hanging out in the slough near where I live. I never get over how cute they are!
The two male buffleheads; one of the females just dove, leaving the ring of ripples

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  1. Nice Buffleheads! We actually have 2 pairs that live in a small lake with a bunch of mallards