Friday, October 4, 2013

Blog update

Please pardon the sparseness of blog posts lately, it always slows down this time of year because I don't have any field trips to report, and I've also been even busier than usual the past few weeks. A couple weeks ago I made a few changes to the layout of this blog but forgot to point it out. If you haven't noticed, there is now a search box at the top of the column on the left, to make it easier for anyone (myself included!) to find a particular article or all the places I mention a particular species.  I also added a little paragraph, lower down in the left column, with instructions on how to contact me, as I've had several people trying to do that over the past couple months and most weren't sure how. I don't have a public email, and I don't want to encourage spammers, so until I get to the point of creating my own website with an associated email (not anytime soon at my rate!), this method will have to do.  Also notice the page view counter, it used to be at the very bottom of the page but I moved it up and into the left column... I can't believe how quickly it's grown this year! Thanks everyone for visiting my blog, your comments and requests are always welcome!

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