Saturday, April 16, 2011

Birds for a change

This evening I visited Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge with a friend in hopes of seeing yellow-headed blackbirds. We heard them but couldn't spot any.  We were thrilled however, to see the first babies of the year, five Canada goose goslings that looked no more than a day old, just getting used to the water.  A bald eagle also flew over the car and I snapped a few good shots of it.
List of our bird sightings:
Pied-billed grebe
Great egret
Great blue heron
Canada goose (huge flocks of the "cackling" subspecies, scattered pairs of the "common" ssp.)
Mallard duck
American wigeon
Northern shoveler
Cinnamon teal
Green-winged teal
Ring-necked duck
Hooded merganser
American coot
Bald eagle
Northern harrier
American kestrel
Greater yellowlegs
Wilson's snipe
Tree swallow
[?] wren (very vocal little guy!)
Red-winged blackbird
Yellow-headed blackbird (heard, not seen)
27 species total, that I know of anyway.


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