Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ceanothus moth

Ceanothus moths (Hyalaphora euryalis) feed on ceanothus bushes throughout California, central Oregon and Washington, and parts of western Canada.  In the edges of their range, they often hybridize with cecropia and columbia moths, all are in the genus Hyalaphora.  They have a burgundy red base color compared to the gray wings of the cecropia and brownish-red of the columbia.  These are one of my favorite moths, mostly because they are the largest of the few giant silkmoth (Saturniidae) species that can be found in Washington, and of course because they are quite pretty!


  1. I have some pictures of this moth that my husband and children took in the rocky mountains fathers day weekend,it changed colors from grey to red, then back to grey! I have some amazing pics if you would like to see, I am simply trying to find some information on it!! Anything you can tell me I would apprecuate!

    1. Sure, I'm curious to see your photos, it could potentially be any one of about three species in the Rockies. If you can send me your email by replying to this comment (the comments go to my email to be approved, so I won't publish it), and I can contact you that way.

  2. This moth is just chilling on my porch today. Central Oregon