Monday, July 30, 2012

(not quite north)west butterflies

Last week I was in San Diego for a work conference, and was happy to see a few butterflies hanging out in the grounds around the convention center and along the waterfront.  I wasn't able to photograph any of them, so this post will be a bit boring, but I wanted to make a quick report.
One Monarch, possibly two (lost sight of one, saw another shortly after in a slightly different spot).
Giant Swallowtail, my first one in the wild! I've seen a few in tropical butterfly houses, but never wild.
Black Swallowtail, one that liked hanging out in a little green space between the hotel and convention center.
Fiery Skipper, a few males and a couple dozen females in several places along the waterfront, most in a lawn where I saw some females ovipositing (really wish I had my camera at that moment!)
Cabbage White, about a dozen decorating the flowers in Seaport Village
a sulphur of some kind, medium-sized, not sure if it was a dogface, orange sulphur, or something similar.
something gray-blue, most likely a hairstreak.
waving goodbye, a sea lion on a floating dock at the pier near the USS Midway

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